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China youth championship in wenzhou stood a cart

  • Posted£º 2011-12-25 14:59:45

On December 24, CKC China do Chinese youth championship and cart fifth stop wenzhou stand of the championship game in wenzhou international parking space in the furnace held. This is the first game CKC site selection in wenzhou, zhejiang.

The game many participants, drivers a strong lineup. According to information, wenzhou yao creek international circuit equipment is perfect, has the international standard advanced timing control system, the beautiful, attracted many drivers came to wenzhou to take part in the game.

Game over, from shaanxi 11 year-old leaves A fly to 7 points 9 seconds and 8 131 minutes and 21 seconds 176 results were given national young group A free and the champion of the group, ZhangDingChen 12 points in 30 seconds of the 263 results obtained the country young group B champions. Among them, the leaves a fly also won the game of "red bull speed star" says ?

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