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Rovers, beach car, motorcycle cylinder head maintenance method

  • Posted£º 2011-12-9 9:57:56
Mini motorcycle driving certain time, will be carefully remove the cylinder combustion chamber, valve seats around the word, exhaust carbon deposition. Remove the combustion chamber microactivity can use bamboo piece cut to remove scraper, of exhaust, can remove carbon screwdriver, don't scratch the combustion chamber wall, the valve seat of working face and exhaust the way wall. After eliminating coke formation, with clean gasoline or kerosene cleaning, then use clean soft cloth rub-up, reassemble the good.
The quantity of heat of air-cooled engine, mainly by the cylinder and the cylinder of heat sink to send out, if not the heat sink, the engine will in overheating and can't work normally. So heat sink must remain intact, clean, and when mini motorcycle with a certain time flush, especially the rainy day use ?atv parts
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