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behind shock Elastic adjustable beach car body

  • Posted£º 2011-10-11 10:20:13

behind shock Elastic adjustable beach car body,Including the chassis and the shock absorber, after the shock absorber in the body after installation frame and rear axle, including between by "in cylinder," "the cylinder" and "the piston components" consists of the damper and shock absorption and spring.

In the suspension spring top adjustable suspension spring elastic bounce regulator, stretch regulator by the set of outside on the cylinder block of turning circle and fixed outside cylinder block piece of a block, a different ring on shift position, the piece of card in the groove of the range block grooves in positioning, circle in spring pressure at the top.

This beach car after the shock absorber is convenient to adjust its shock absorption ability, easy to use, is able to adapt to the beach and different pavement damping demand shock, driving, good effect, make rider feel comfortable.

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