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What are the type of chain? ATV Parts chain

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Transmission chain: including bike chains and motorcycle chains, automobile, motorcycle engine crankshaft and CAM used timing chain transmission between, oil drilling machines and car, mud pump drive and other parts of the oil chain; In the agricultural machinery on the motive, paddy field, driving the side with the chain transmission machinery.

Conveying chain: has the car assembly line for suspension conveyor vehicle and parts of grinding forging, all kinds of spraying easy disassembly chain with double hinged online have a television, light transmission chain, automobile electric appliances industry used in the production line of the desktop speed chain, in as medicine, the chemical industry, food industry also largely used flat-roofed conveying chain, and so on.

Traction chain
,A forklift truck crane objects used this chain plate chain, except in use, in the forklift machine tools and other areas also have more applications.

Special chain, just as its name implies is special purposes, such as logging chain with the fire-fighting chain, agricultural dial the grain, sewage treatment chain chain.

ATV Parts chain

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