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49CC PULL START How to Install

  • Posted£º 2011-10-26 12:48:45

Regulate the direction, the direction of the general hand-handle at the top of the right rear, adjust the position of mounting holes, tighten the screws

With the present invention includes boot disk, start the rope and spring recoil start module vortex, vortex spring one end of the link to the startup disk; plastic cover links to the other end of the spring vortex, concave side of the plastic cover of the set There are recessed to allow the Ministry set up recoil start module, the plastic cover and the cover group located in the engine crankcase cover on; plastic handle at the link to the other end of the rope starts, including the plastic handle at the cover, convex extension column, cover corresponding to the block and the cover is closed only at the Ministry of the plastic cover on the socket, cover also includes a corresponding set of irregular flange joint to the irregular outer surface of the peripheral. Wherein the cover design for the plastic material, has good sealing. atv parst

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