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Introduction to steering knuckle

  • Posted£º 2011-10-31 13:29:23

atv partsKnuckle by two bolts and three bushing and connected to the body, and through the flange of the brake knuckle and braking system connected to the mounting holes. In the high-speed driving, the road passes through the tire to the vibration on the steering knuckle, we analyze the main factors to consider. Calculations using the existing vehicle models, the acceleration of gravity on the vehicle to impose 4G, calculate the three bushing knuckle bolt hole center and the center of two support reactions as applied load, and to restrict the flange connection braking system on the end face of all nodes 123456 degrees of freedom.

Steering shaft and the shaft formed by the knuckle, and sometimes the installation of intermediate support. It is mainly used in the course of changing the relative position between the two shafts transmit torque and rotation. 

Steering shaft used widely in the car. In front engine rear-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles, due to elastic deformation of the suspension, transmission or sub-actuator output shaft and drive axle input shaft axis relative position changes frequently, so commonly used cross shaft steering shaft. The steering axle, the inside and outside with the angle between the driving axle needs change, then use more constant turning shaft. When the rear-wheel drive

Section is not constant steering knuckle connected two-axis angle is greater than zero, between the input shaft and output shaft to the instantaneous change in angular velocity than the passing movement, but the average steering angular velocity ratio of a section. Quasi-constant steering angle section is designed to work when the instantaneous angular velocity equal to a movement than to pass, while working in other angle than the instantaneous angular velocity is approximately equal to 1 knuckle. Output shaft and input shaft to the instantaneous angular velocity ratio equal to 1 to pass Campaign knuckle, knuckle called constant velocity

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