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what to drive properly ATV

  • Posted£º 2011-10-4 16:50:06

Automatic clutch how hang guard?
To understand the car with which a few gear, automatic clutch directly, boom throttle hang files can go.

Can hang on file in the car?
ATV car have commonly in car device, because be in, not GuaDang braking clutch hang doesn't matter.

Hang the reverse is required before a hang up? (the reverse why so hard to hang?)
Car gear should be a few forward gears a reverse, hang in reverse time for safety first, holding brake hang in reverse and hang a doesn't matter.

The hand in start what pay attention to?
It was a little bit difficult start hand, that is for the sake of accumulator emergency, the hand of power points is big, faster.

I feel the tyres on shortage, pressure to DuoDa?
ATV is usually low voltage vacuum tyre pressure, in 33 kpa or so, the front wheel 32 to 38 kpa, rear wheel 27-33 kpa.

Idle speed is a little bit high, how to tune?
By regulating the carburetor idle screws to adjust.

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