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Off-road car and ATV introduction

  • Posted£º 2011-10-17 15:41:59

Off-road car and introduction Mostly has certain off-road driving ability. That is, the car can in quality was poor road or no road area and the battlefield, thus driving has "bear hardships and stand hard work" skill. Later, in order to meet the needs of the fighting, there was a cross-country ability stronger military cars, it is usually said military off-road vehicle. Cross-country car has three brothers, zong carrying capacity each are not identical. Carrying capacity of large, called the heavy off-road vehicle; Carrying capacity of small, called light off-road vehicle; And in between light and heavy, called the medium off-road vehicles.

ATV is All Terrain Vehicle-All Terrain Vehicle (for All the Terrain of the traffic tools) abbreviation is known as the ATV, say again "all-terrain four-wheel cross-country motorcycle". Beach car can be in any terrain of vehicles running on, in the ordinary vehicles maneuvering terrain to walk freely. Vehicle is simple, practical, and cross-country performance is good, appearance is generally their tent. In fact, it is hard for us to use simple Chinese name to express; According to its appearance, and barely into [all-terrain four-wheel cross-country motorcycle] feel very incoherent. China has been called it [beach car], this is wrong. In the soft qualitative sand, the ATV, wide tires increase the contact area and the earth has more friction, coordinates the unique tire tread pattern is not easy to idling sliding, and easy to drive, albright Thus the misunderstanding was called [beach ?ATV Parts

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