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The role of the clutch is?

  • Posted£º 2011-10-20 16:44:17

1, to ensure a smooth start car

This is the primary function of the clutch. Before starting the car, the natural first start the engine. The car started, the car is completely stationary state gradually accelerated.

2, to achieve a smooth shift

The process of moving the car, driving to adapt to changing conditions, often have to switch to a different drive train gear work. Shift the gear-type transmission, toggle gear is generally linked to files or other agencies, to allow use of a gear transmission gear launch, and then make another stall gear into work.

3, to prevent the transmission system overload

When the car for emergency braking, if there is no clutch, the engine and transmission system will be rigid due to sharply reduce the speed in which all moving parts and thus will have a great moment of inertia

Clutch can be divided into: friction clutch, transmission or use of the liquid as a medium (ie fluid coupling), or the use of magnetic drive ,that is, the electromagnetic clutch.

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