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ATV introduction and application prospects

  • Posted£º 2011-10-4 16:34:26

Is a kind of entertainment, sports and tourism in one of the special vehicles, can be on the beach, grassland, mountain, tourist sites and other complex surface free ride, driving with exercise capacity, functional training bravery is brave, progressive BMW of young people good car. Its excellent performance, reliable quality, attractive appearance, ride comfort, durability has been widely recognized by domestic and foreign markets, and has exported to the United States and other places favored by the users.

Also called the ATV car, is the terrain in China gradually popular "beach car". Common scenery recreation for example, can have rental industry beach, use this kind of traffic tools, bring customers take, belong to commercial entertainment business. But this kind of traffic tools in the americas region in but Mercedes in the farmland pasture "iron", it is very popular a kind of traffic tools.

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