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When cleaning beach car need to be aware of some

  • Posted£º 2011-12-15 12:22:31

According to the structure of the beach car body characteristics generally can be classified into two categories: a beach car hollow steel tube for structure is assembled from basic car body, because the body is best of steel tube, beach car body appear relatively bulky. Tubular beams of the beach car body design, this beach car with light weight, design freedom higher advantage, some such beach car with no direct the development of car shell design. Another type of beach car glass fiber is the lightweight material as the car body, such beach car usually have great basin of algae cylinder loading chamber; Cleaning beach car can't literally a wash, the beatles, beach car manufacturer will introduce you to some of the beach car cleaning note:

1. Wash the beach car must be below the engine and heat sink clean and recommend can use toothpaste to clean beach car, this advantage is is beautiful and can more easily washed away the engine oil leakage.

2. Unless special circumstances, had better not to XiCheDian beach car or let someone else help clean the atv, wash the beach car shop seemingly tool operation regulation of complete, but it to pursue the effect not beautiful problem or some, even some will also affect the performance of the beach car.

3. Clean beach car after the completion of the beach car with dry dishcloth to dry, especially the electric switch, instrument, left and right sides armrest, spark plug, the flap raises the place such as, special attention should be paid to the beach car had the spark plug hat off a few times, above the water of the casing sling out, or it will affect the ignition.

4. The last thing to note must take the heat beach car wash again after cooling down. Because if abrupt with cold water, rinse engine exhaust unit etc, more heat bilges cold shrink the principle that will damage the interior of the car parts beach performance, cause the engine oil leakage, serious still can cause the exhaust and engine joint off oxidation rust.


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