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How maintenance ATV

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1, clean forklift (in clean before please note pull out power socket)

(1) every day of the wheel cleaning, fill lube.

(2) clean the electrical components: use of compressed air blowing off motor dust. Be careful!!!!! The electrical components can't use the high pressure flushing device flush. Do not destroy circuit board electrical components.

2, check each function forklift truck

(1) check operation control function is normal or not.

(2) the accident safety switch is normal or not.

(3) horn is normal or not.

(4) to function is normal or not.

(5) hydraulic device is normal or not.

(6) the scale is normal or not.

(7) hydraulic system and whether a check the oil spills. Hydraulic system should be charging new clean oil. Attention! In add or replace hydraulic oil, pay attention to use the same brand. Otherwise damaged hydraulic components, make whole hydraulic system capacity reduction.

(8) drives are normal noise and the oil.

(9) electromagnetic clutch is a poor contact.

(10) transmission function is normal or not.

(11) the wheel for any damage, remove grease, metal pieces, etc

ATV Parts

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